Works > "Narcissus" (from group show titled "Heist"

"Narcissus"  (from group show titled "Heist"
"Narcissus" (from group show titled "Heist"

This piece was constructed inside of an old bank building in historic downtown Los Angeles. I find that the insides of take-out containers create the most regal of shapes when used as molds and plaster is cast inside of them. They reflected a likeness with the building's architecture. Its name Narcissus is a bit tongue-in-cheek. A giggle at this vanity. They were also a stand-in for the contemporary idea of bringing detritious inside of the gallery.

The piece was brought into the gallery on a dollie, as a nod to sculptures contemporary mobility versus that of the times this building was constructed. The dollie was butted up against a pillar as punctuation for this probing.