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Allegories of Entropy I
Allegories of Entropy I
Oil, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Graphite, Charcoal
7' x 5'

Entropy was at the forefront of my thinking, upon creating these paintings. In this piece, I offer the viewer a puzzle. I prohibit a rapid consumption, by refusing a straightforward aesthetic experience. The process of painting-making is metaphorically explored in this work.

Clinging to a symbol of entropy; a gesso-dripping canvas, the grid is utilized to represent this painting’s historical origin: modernism. Upon this formal “armature,” a form, sensitively painted, a photo-realistic passage, appears to deteriorate and come apart. Over thinned pigments, suspended in thinner, drop, leave their mark, and lend themselves to an eventual line drawing of pencil which flows into a detailed pencil drawing or charcoal work or even to an abstraction done in a rapid, gestural manner. Creation and decomposition cycle over and over inside of this symbolic representation of a world of entropy.